Can corporate writing be poetic? absolutely!

You will hear “Use plain language!” over and over from your managers, directors and executives. And while their intentions are good, more often than not, plain language becomes just plain boring. What they really mean is to write descriptive language that is clear, concise and devoid of uncertainty. However, words can also elevate a brand to unapparelled heights so one needs to make the most of them!

If you push the boundaries of copy, you can separate your organization from a world of CCC (competing content clutter). Does everything need to be poetic? Of course not. But it should be vivid and it should paint a picture of your brand that will be unforgettable in the mind of the reader. I used the below at the end of a brochure and integrated the same copy into event signage. The result was something different and impactful and aligned with a fully integrated marketing strategy.

Inspired by history,
but not tethered to it.
Proud of tradition
but not limited by it.
Talented, diverse
and sophisticated
researchers, visionaries
and innovators.
Award winning creators
producing manufacturing

Making the future happen.

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