When creating copy for brochures, you need to make an impact from the very beginning. The copy needs to be “punchy” and concise to stand out. A natural syllabic rhythm forms that flows like a literary river, meandering toward a bold conclusion. Notice how definitive and short the first statement in the sample below is. If there was anything you want the reader to remember , it’s that statement. Failing that, it’s the bold conclusion that further enforces the leadership position of the brand. In between the copy is lush with terms that paint a picture: extensive, abundance, sophisticated, expertise, herald. While the piece could survive without them, it would be devoid of brand personality. As opposed to painting a picture, it would be paint by numbers. In other words, plain language that is plain boring. Want a lush to bring your copy to life? Contact me today!

Ontario is the largest IT region in North America outside of Silicon Valley. Here you can collaborate with universities and R&D facilities to drive innovation from lab to market quickly while retaining your IP. Our extensive network of incubators and accelerators ensures a steady stream of innovative concepts, ideas and products that strengthen the entire ecosystem. And when it comes to talent, we have an abundance of sophisticated engineers with the expertise to herald the era of connected, autonomous and electric vehicles. Innovation lives here—problems get solved here—awards are won here.

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