EHR platforms aren’t just for skilled nursing anymore

PointClickCare EHR offers a proven platform with the breadth and depth of functionality to help assisted living providers manage business challenges like changing regulatory requirements, Finding ways to mitigate medication risk, and tracking and measuring business performance.

Manage regulatory changes

PointClickCare’s EHR provides the tools you need to better manage regulatory changes—providing you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your core business while assisting you to remain compliant.

Liability claims arising from allegations of medication errors cost long-term care providers approximately $150,000 on average.

Mitigate medication management risks

With the average resident taking 10+ medications per day, it is well documented that providers using paper-based systems have significantly higher medication administration errors than those using technology. An EHR platform is proven to reduce errors associated with manual, error-prone processes through intuitive technology that provides safer and more effective medication administration, while mitigating the risk of adverse drug events and potential litigation.

As the needs of the assisted living market continue to evolve, providers are facing a new set of complex challenges previously only seen in skilled nursing that are significantly impacting business and resident outcomes.

Track and measure business performance

Since the senior living market is highly competitive, providers need business performance indicators that will help them adapt and stay ahead. The PointClickCare EHR platform allows you to gather better business intelligence and information on resident outcomes by utilizing customizable dashboards and reporting modules. You can stay on top of industry trends while adjusting to changing market requirements.

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